5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Choosing Paint For Your Project

There are a lot of different decisions to be made when you are thinking of painting anything. The most important decisions are:

  • What brand should you use?
  • What type of paint do you need?
  • What finish works best for your project?
  • What color or colors do you need?
  • How much paint will you need?

The list could go on and on. As a person who spends a lot of time helping out in the paint department at my job, I help people answer these questions all the time. Some people come in knowing exactly what they want, and that is great, but some people have no clue at all!

In this post I am going to give you some advice and tell you what decisions could ruin your project before you even get started.



Matte paint is meant for surfaces that will either receive a clear coat at the end or will not be touched. The gloss that is added to paint is not only a style choice, but is also a protective layer for you paint! Now I know that it has become increasingly popular for EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, to be matte. I actually tend to like the matte look as well, however, you are putting whatever you are painting at risk to need a repaint every year. Fingerprints will not come out of matte paint, dust and dirt can stick to it, and it tends to flake off quite a bit easier.

My suggestion for you if you like the matte looks is to choose the eggshell finish for your paints. It is the next step up on the sheen scale. In most lights you cannot tell that there is much gloss to it at all, but it does add just enough protective coating to help your paint job last longer. Eggshell is what sheen I choose for all of my paints around the house.


Trust me, I understand needing to stay within a budget for every project that you start. I always love to find cheaper ways to renovate. This, in my opinion, is onetime you should not skimp on a product. Typically, when it comes to paint, it is cheaper for a reason. Paint quality really does matter! You want for something that is going to last and work well for your project.

There are other ways to make painting cheaper. Expensive brushes and rollers are not necessary, so you can always cut costs there. You can also check out your local Home Depot; they always have “Oops Paint”. Their “oops paint” are color mess ups, paints customers change their minds on, etc.. You can get quarts for just $2, gallons for $9, and samples for $0.50. Now they might not always have the color your looking for, but you can usually find some great neutrals and fun or funky colors. Just yesterday I bought 2 quarts of a GORGEOUS teal paint and a sample container are a great gray. It only cost me $4.50!!


Don’t get me wrong it is great to ick a color scheme or pick a neutral color for the small rooms of your house (such as bathrooms, laundry room, hall ways). If you paint your house all one color, you leave no room for personality. take our house for example, when we finish painting, we will have gray and different tones of blue and green throughout. I picked mute neutral blues and greens, so that it still fit my “farmhouse” style, but It changes up the scenery quite nice.

There is a flipside to this coin though, painting every room in your house a different color can make the whole house seem busy. When you decide to start painting you have to figure out what works for your floorplan. If you have a huge open concept kitchen, living, and dinning are you’re obviously going to want to stick with the same colors for those rooms. On the other hand, if your house is like ours where the kitchen and dinning and separated from the living room the colors can be different and still flow nicely.


Trying to build a color scheme around paint that you have already bought is pretty difficult. AT that point, what happens when one color does not look as good with the others as you thought it would? You are either going to be stuck with a color you don’t like or you will have to buy more paint and try to find something to do with the nonmatching color.

Picking a color scheme is not near as hard as it seems. Pinterest is a great resource for this. Search up whatever aesthetic you are going with and look at their suggested color schemes. Most of the time it will give you color and brand names write in the pin. Obviously, you do not have to use every color that they suggest, but it is a good starting point. From there you can lighten, darken, or even get rid of some of the colors. Once you have a color scheme it makes the rest of your job pretty easy!


I know most people like to be over prepared, but unless you have another project in mind that you can use that paint for, it is a waste of money. Most paints give you an estimated coverage area, and the people you buy it from should be able to give you a very close answer. Paint cannot sit for very long before it is no longer viable. Home Depot and several other places offer you the option to save the paint you buy under your phone number. Also the sticker placed on your paint can will have all the detail you need.


Drop your questions in the comments or shoot me an email if you need advice on paint projects!

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