Ways To Incorporate Your Fall Decorations Into Your Home

I am a huge fan of not having to completely redocorate my house every time the season changes. Obviously I make changes to the arrangements and add in fall or christmas decor, but my “base” decorations work for all holidays!

When you walk into my house you are destined to see all my decorations with fall decor added to it. It is way easier! Plus, you still have decorations if you decided you don’t want to decorate for spring or any other season. This also allows you to decorate for the holidays or seasons and still add your personal flare to it.

If you haven’t noticed by now, my style is farmhouse with a little new age chic and some hints of rustic. This makes finding “style specific” seasonal decorations hard. When I say “style specific” I mean that there is your rustic fall, cutsy fall, and typical fall decorations. My style does not exclusively fit any of these, so it is easier to pick a style, then add my flare with non-seasonal decor. I know you have all been in Hobby Lobby before. When you walk in each seasonal aisle is divided by “style” and you will notice it very distinctly. You can pick one of those styles, or you can mix it up! It is all up to you. For me, I have found it is easier to pick one seasonal style that fits in with the rest of my decor and mix it up from there.

This post is going to be a little “how to” on the way I decide what sticks around all year and what items I change out for each season. I will also show you how to spice up your regular style with your fall items!


That is the question I ultimately want to help you answer. To fall or not ot fall?

First thing you will need to do is remove any seasonal or holiday decor you might have up. Take a look at what is left. Do you have very many decorations left? If not, you can skip the next couple of steps.

If you still have lots of decorations, it is time to figure out which ones you want to switch out and which ones you want to keep. This decision may not be easy, but the best way to start is to pull the pieces that you are not in love with (the fillers that are kind of “eh”).

How is it looking now? Do you have enough room for fall decor? No? At this point we are going to quit pulling things. I know you just said that you don’t have enough room for fall but we are going to do it anyways. Start placing your fall decorations. As you do this, you will notice some pieces that don’t look quite right with the fall decor or pieces that take up too much space for the look you are going for. When you start to notices these items, pull them.

If you still do not have enough room, it is time to look at how much fall you are trying to put out. Do you have too many fall decorations? In my opinion, that is impossible.. I love fall! However, it is possible to just not have space for all of your fall decorations. I know I don’t! Maybe it is now that you will decide that you want to pull all your normal decor and just replace it all with fall, and that is perfectly okay! You may also decide that you can live without putting every one of your fall decorations out. Just choose the ones you really love. You may also consider putting out the more halloween decorations and then slowly replacing them with thanksgiving as Halloween passes. This is something I do most years because we host a huge party for Halloween every year, but thanks to Corona virus we can’t do that this year.

Are you satisfied with the way your home looks now? If not try rearranging. Your first attempt does not have to be set in stone.


I am going to show you some pictures of the areas I added fall decorations to and then give you a little reasoning behind what I did. That tends to help me when I attempt to make decisions about my own decorating.

On my kithcen table I left almost everything that is typically there. The candle stick, the adorable wood pig, and that white cake stand are always on my table. The only things I usually change out are the table runner, what sits on the cake stand, and occasionally I spice up the candle stick. This time I chose to wrap this tiny garland I found at hobby lobby around the candlestick. It adds just enough fall in my opionion! Sometimes I add fall leaves, which I usually end up having to fix several times a day. I decided to go an easier rout this year. I added a cute fall pumpkin sign to the cake stand along with some cotton pieces and faux pumpkins. I originally tried all pumpkins wiht no cotton, but to me it looked too bulky.

I only decorate one spot on my countertop, because I cook A LOT and I need the rest of that space. I left my cotton bunches that normally sit there and added a pie sign, the harvest sign and a super cute plaid and white pumpkin duo. This is a great example of my mixed styles. There is some plaid which is very “farmhouse chic”, some typical fall colors, and the pie sign is what they consider “cutesy fall”.

Moving to the living room, I only change a couple things on the coffee table. I changed out my 4th of July stars from my supplies bin and added tan ribbon with cloth pumpkins and a couple acorns. Then I have a cake stand with a picture frame on it, I added cotton pieces around it. I removed all the decorations except the cannister from my end table. I like to put some of my bigger pieces there, so it only made sense to give myself plenty of room. When I had cleared it off, I decided on my metal pumpkin, a small pumpkin sign, and a happy harvest table sign.

There are plenty of other fall decorations spread throughout the house, but these areas are the most saturated. I added a “Thankful” throw pillow to the couch, threw some cotton stems in the vase on my bedside table, and hung a fall door hanger up outside.

In all honesty, I know not everyone likes the way I decorate for the seasons. Some people redecorate everything but the family photos for each season or holiday. I love it that way too! I just prefer a good mix in my home. Part of it is because the typical fall colors, (red, yellow, and orange), don’t match my color scheme too well. I have to find a nice balance, and I found that balance in my integration method. The other part is because I love my regular decor so much!

With fall being one of my favorite times to decorate, I want to see some of your decorations! Shoot me an email and I will get them added to my new fan gallery!

Email: makeoverromantic@gmail.com

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