Vinyl Plank vs Laminate Plank Flooring

In today’s market, with carpet slowly fading away the biggest debate is Vinyl or Laminate flooring. As a flooring specialist I see both sides for different situations. Today I am going to give you the facts so that you can make your own decisions on which will fit best in your home.



  • Vinyl flooring is waterproof
  • Click- lock design makes for easy installation
  • Underlayment comes attached so there is no need to purchased or lay extra
  • Most are scratch proof
  • You can find just about any color
  • There are many price levels to fit your budget
  • 30 year or lifetime warranties on all types
  • Does not need to acclimate to your home
  • Can be cut with a box knife


  • It is more expensive than laminate
  • Colors and styles change often so you may have trouble finding that color again
  • If you are needing someone else to install, it can get very pricey



  • You can find it as cheap as $0.44 per sq ft
  • Easy click-lock installation
  • Many styles and colors
  • Can find some with Water resistance
  • Can find a few with underlayment attached
  • Prices ranges to fit all budgets
  • Has the look of hardwood flooring
  • There are some brands available with warranties


  • Most are not water proof
  • You do have to purchase and lay underlayment beneath it
  • Will need extra tools in order to cut it
  • Will need to be replaced within 5 to 6 years
  • Is not good for high heat or moisture areas


There are many pros and cons to both types of flooring. Each one is made to fit a different style and need in your home. We will be putting vinyl plank flooring in our home because we need the extra durability! In an upcoming post I will walk you through how to install vinyl plank and show you some amazing pictures of the progress in our bedroom makeover.

If you need help assessing which one better fits your needs feel free to reach out in the comments or by email!

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6 thoughts on “Vinyl Plank vs Laminate Plank Flooring

  1. In other words, there are way more cons for laminate flooring than vinyl? I would have thought otherwise… Amazing what you can learn from a blogger. Glad I did not buy that laminate when I was looking a Lowe’s the other day!


      1. I just can’t see how you would justify laminate after all the information you gave. It is not as durable, not good for pets, or high moisture areas!! Those are the main things people look for in flooring most of the time. Can you give me an example of when you would choose laminate?

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