How To Pick Your Color Scheme

Do you have an aesthetic? Some people love sunflowers and roses. Some people have a thing for band posters and black lights. Others like muted colors and things of the “old times”. Your house should be a reflection of those who live there. It should feel like home.


First off, you always want to incorporate colors you love. If you are going with a farmhouse theme, you are going to want to pick muted colors. I have always been a fan of deep colors, so I threw them in as accents. Light blues, greens, and teals are very easy to match décor to.

Then, you are going to want to choose some neutrals that match. Grays and tans are always popular and always going to match however you choose to decorate.

What is your favorite color? Is it blue? Yellow? Red? Do you like deep, dark colors or are you into muted, light colors. I know it seems like it doesn’t matter, but it does. You want your home to surround you with the things you love! The best way to start is with your color scheme.

Your favorite color should be used as an accent. Use it on accent walls or in bedrooms and living areas. You can use variations of the color. You don’t have to choose one blue or yellow and put it in the whole house. You are going to want to pick several shades to use

Next you are going to want to pick a neutral color to match your accent color and flow throughout your house. Grays and tans match everything! They come in light or dark colors and can be incorporated in to any room or style. You can also do a combination of both if you choose the right shades.

Believe me when I say that it is a lot easier than it sounds. We all have a favorite color or colors. Mine are teals and yellow. I went with the teals because I could use a lot of my wedding decorations and our apartment had been decorated in blue and green. It was easy!


The next and last step is incorporating your new color scheme into your home!

You’re going to need to decide which rooms you want to put neutrals in and which you want some color on your walls. It is not as hard as it may seem. Typically in your bathrooms, laundry rooms, and halls you are going to want neutrals, it makes the house flow better. Some even throw the neutral in every room except the bedrooms and that is okay too! The bedrooms are the best place to change it up. It is “your space”.

You wouldn’t think the color that is on your walls would make much of a difference, but it does. It is scientifically proven that being surrounded by the things you love and the colors that make you fell like yourself helps to create a better environment for sleep. Take it from me. The apartment we lived in had a horrible brown on EVERY SINGLE WALL. I hated it! It made me hate our wonderful apartment. It sometimes kept me up wishing I could change those ugly brown walls. It was something that I could not change and I had to decorate my whole apartment around it.

***Here is just a little note before you begin painting your house… You should either buy samples of the colors and paint a small spot on the wall or tape the color swatch to the wall and look at if for several weeks before you spend money on paint. Colors can look very different once you get them home and in the lighting your room offers. You may also decide after looking at it for a few days that the color is just not as pretty as you originally thought. Then you can try again. It is much easier than living with a color you don’t like or completely repainting!***


A color scheme can make a world of difference. It simplifies the process when buying paint. It helps when you are attempting to decorate or redecorate. The most important thing it does though is allow your personality to shine throughout your home.

Here is my color scheme! It is gallery of the exact colors that are in my home today.

These colors make me happy! They make me feel at home. I don’t want this blog to take away anyone’s individuality. I am just here to give you ideas and help you take the steps that you need to make your house a home. My posts are just a starting point; you do not have to do anything the way I did. Turn your house into a mirror for your soul…

  • The first color is Flannel Gray by Behr. Will be used in my bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.
  • The second is Tahitian Sky by Behr. I used it in my living room, although I have to say it is much lighter on the walls do to all the natural light.
  • The third is Whitewater Bay by Behr. I used it in my bedroom.
  • The fourth is Platinum by Behr. Will be used in the hallway. I love the flannel gray, but i thought it would be too dark for my dimly lit hall.
  • The last is Folk Tale by Behr. Will be used in the guest room and office. It is also quite a bit lighter when on the walls.

Now unfortunately the den is chocolate brown is still on the walls because my husband adores bears and wanted to decorate the room accordingly, but that is okay! It is his space. I guess a little chocolate brown can’t hurt the look of the rest of my house.. Right?!?

I want to see what you guys came up with! When I get several color scheme from readers I will be making a color schemes post or gallery to share your ideas with everyone! So let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!


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7 thoughts on “How To Pick Your Color Scheme

    1. Personally I would put gray with yellow. If you go with tan it may turn out looking like a big sunflower. However if you are into sunflowers, go with the tan. Just be careful if you go with too light of a tan, the colors may be very close. There is a lot of yellow in tan.

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    1. Before you shoot down the idea of pinks, pick up some color swatches of pinks you like and hang them on the wall for a couple weeks. You may decide you like it. If not then use pink as an accent with other colors.


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